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EXEDY’s products and technologies highly
regarded the world over where many
automobile manufacturers select them to be
used as OE parts in their vehicles.

Parts for Automatic Transmissions

Torque Converters

  • Super Squashed Torque Converter

    Super Squashed Torque Converter

    This torque converter, which is extremely thin, even more so than other flat-model torque converters, was designed to be both lightweight and conserve space.

  • Lock-up Damper

    Lock-up Damper

    So that it can improve fuel efficiency, this model, depending on the driving conditions, directly connects the engine to the transmission, and it also absorbs noise and vibrations that originate from the engine.

  • CVT Damper

    CVT Damper

    This damper, which is located between the engine and the transmission, is used in CVT vehicles and is excellent at attenuating vibrations in the drivetrain.

AT Parts

  • Clutch Pack

    Clutch Pack

    This product is a unit consisting of paper discs and plates that is predominantly used in automatic and continuous variable transmissions.

  • Forward and Reverse Clutch Pack for CVTs

    Forward and Reverse Clutch Pack for CVTs

    This clutch pack is used to switch between forward and reverse and helps reduce the axial length of the drivetrain in CVT vehicles.

  • Paper Discs

    Paper Discs

    These are discs made with wet friction materials that are used in automatic transmissions, continuous variable transmissions, dual clutch transmissions, hybrid electric vehicles, transfer cases, and 4WD couplings.